Coupon Codes

What are coupon codes?

A coupon code, also know as a coupon code, is a code that is associated with a marketing discount. For example, a we might tell our customers to enter the coupon code "icon4" to receive a 5% discount on their whole order. One or more unique coupon codes (may be numbers or strings) are associated with the discount. Coupon codes act as an eligibility requirement for the discount. When shopping, if the user enters a coupon code, the corresponding discount is looked up and applied if the all the conditions of the discount are met.

How to apply coupon codes:

-Once you choose you product click the checkout button.

-Fill the first page of the checkout process and hit next.

-After Paypal redirects you to, a small square will appear, enter the code there. Automatically you will see the discounted price will appear. Coupon codes are case sensitive, so it must be entered exactly as appeared in our promos/ads.

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